Sponsor a piece of music written in honor of your favorite cause....

By now I have created over 50 pieces of music that have been written with a particular intent in mind, in most cases to be a touchstone for a particular individual, to express the love that daughters feel for mothers, or husbands feel for wives, or a family feels for someone who has passed. In each case, the "cause", the initiating intention, has been the creative factor in bringing the music through. These were all people and occasions that were at various degrees of distance from me, and yet through conversation, and the sense of connection I feel along these diverse lines, something magical was birthed and music has been made that would not have come through in any otehr way.

Now, think of some cause, or idea, or issue in the world that is near and dear to your heart. Besides talking about it with friends, perhaps contributing to an organization that exists to support that cause or correct that injustice, what if the need for people to gather around that cause, or the longing to bring something better to that issue could be expressed in music, or music and words? What of the underlying depth in that longing could be exposed in all of it's vulnerability so that the creation that is dying to come through could be aided by these sounds: the feelings, the harmonies and textures and melodies that give voice to that creation? 

Maybe that sounds impossible, or unlikely, but that is a challenge I want to take on. Tell me the thing you want music for. Help me to understand it. Let us see if we can collaborate to create an expression that brings more fullness to that cause and through the listening can reach many more people. 

All ideas are welcome. Call me at 541-973-7415, or email me at cellomansings@gmail.com.