If you have services to offer of the following kinds, consider whether the composition of a piece of music, or the value of a number of CDs might be worth trading for. The kinds of things I need are here. I am open to other offerings as well. Just let me know your thoughts.

Services I would be happy to trade for:


  1. legal services, to set up a 501c3 organization
  2. tax services
  3. social media marketing
  4. public relations 
  5. strategic planning
  6. web services
  7. graphic design


 Goods I would be happy to trade for:


  1.  a beautiful area rug
  2. a drum set
  3. a trumpet
  4. an electronic keyboard
  5. recording quality headphones
  6. recording quality microphone
  7. monitor speakers
  8. a like new hard drive
  9. recent Macbook Pro
  10. electric bass and amp
  11. standup bass
  12. acoustic bass guitar
  13. banjo
  14. mandolin
  15. acoustic upright piano