How You Can Participate

As a composer, recording artist, and performer, I invite you to commission a piece of music, purchase a CD of my work, or host a concert in your home. But there are other ways you might be able to support my work, or receive a benefit from it, and these are listed here. 

First, I love feedback. Send me a note and share what you think about what I have said, or what I am doing. Let me know if you want that to remain between us, or if you would be willing to have your comments published on my site. As I see it, we are involved in a very large and beautiful web. There are many connections to make. And the shared humanity in all of it is what is most important. What I am doing may affect you. You in turn may touch another person's life with your response.

Also, consider trading with me. This is how it could work. 

If you have the means to sponsor some of my work, the following are some possibilities. You can click on each link to read further about what is involved with each of these opportunities. 

Sponsor the purchase of CD inventory - $300

Sponsor the creation of a piece of music/poetry in honor of a favorite cause - $500 and up.

Sponsor the acquisition of equipment - $25 and up. 

Sponsor video production - $25 and up

Sponsor the uploading of mp3s to make available individual tracks for sale, and on iTunes.

You can also invest in my work.

Here is how. 

If you would simply like to leave a tip, you can do that here.

I will respond with some kind of recognition of my own, just to let you know we are feeling the stream together, personally. It makes a huge difference to me to know that some one person out there has felt the value of what I am offering. 

You can purchase a CD. Here are the choices available right now, with a complete description of each.

The Irrational Quest For Beauty ~ Even More Beauty

When Your Life Becomes Poetry

Brothers and Sisters of the Soul