My Grandmother In The Stars

Here is Naomi Shihab Nye's beautiful poem about her grandmother ~


The Great Unwinding - by Daniel Sperry


I am starting something new….

A video everyday. First one has a little promotional intro but the ones that will come after will just be the performance. First one is "Happiness", by Jane Kenyon.


The friendship between music and poetry....

Today will mark the beginning of the third week of attempting to raise $10, 000 to fund a video of a live performance of three poems. Yes, it sounds exorbitant, doesn't it? I put my pencil to it this week and decided I could do it for $8000, but in two weeks only ten people have responded and about $850 has been raised. There are some promising signs of some larger contributions, but I have to believe that the message I am putting out is not the message I need. And I am reaching out, and asking people and trying to re-think it, and also trying to just get the word out. Working at it. For sure. No doubt I am working at it.

But what occurred to me this morning is that this project is really about getting Music and Poetry together. That is really it.

Can they take a big step forward in their friendship? Well, of course, I know, you know, we all know that music and poetry are friendly. They sometimes get together, but surely not enough, don't you think?

Poetry seems to feel sometimes she can get along pretty well by herself. But then she likes the attention that music brings, when her words are being spoken. And music certainly seems to be able to get along by himself well enough. Of course he often prefers his words to be sung, so that sometimes you can almost not even understand what he is saying, but then he is all about feeling and he is happy to use his exuberance or his melancholy to say what he needs to say. 

Sometimes, though, they get together. They hesitate in front of each other and see something of themselves in the other's eyes. They decide to dance, and everyone watches, amazed. And what you start to realize is that it may not be just a friendship, there may be a true union there. 

I see that, myself. That is what I see. That is why I am trying to do what I am trying to do. I hope you see it, too. 

If you can help, please go here.


A worthy process....

One thing I already know is that the Evocation and Magnification process is already a huge success, as far as I am concerned. The messages I have already received from the magnifiers have been completely delightful, every single one of them.

One example: 


"I am sharing what I created from my garden yesterday p.m. as part of my prayer process this week-end for the gentleman and you.
I used the morning glories (somewhat) reaching upward as a symbol of hope and connecting to the higher power and greater good. The yellow flowers show warmth, joy, and also radiate hope. The small & delicate blue vase ties things together & holds the work, in a sense grounding the individuals, (you/him) and their desires, hopes, and dreams. Other warmer colors of flowers offer happiness, peacefulness, & perhaps a little playfulness to the process."


This is all on the down low, folks. Just ordinary people holding complete strangers with their own version of sacred intention, however that shows up. I am so pleased and feel so gifted by each of you who are doing this.

The window is still open as of this posting, until Oct. 20th at 1 pm PT. Anyone who wants to join in just go here, read the instructions carefully, and send me a message back that you participated, of you would, please.

I am really looking forward to my own work tomorrow, including making this music....