Investment in CD Sales

I have six CDs that are available to be duplicated. Currently I have inventory of only three of these. The other three I do not have funds for, for duplicating another run, to make them available.

All of these are sold both online, and at performances locally here in the Rogue Valley. If you wish to make an investment of $280, that will buy 100 CDs. The retail value of these CDs, at an average sale price of $12 is $1200.

I would be happy to double your investment, in return for the value to me of being able to continue to sell all of my catalog. I can send you a weekly statement of CDs sold, and subordinate my return to yours. When about half of the CDs have been sold, and your return equals $560, the rest of the inventory will be mine.

You can try it out with one run, and if that works well, you may want to continue the investment plan with other CDs or a re-order. 

To inquire further, please get in touch, at cellomansings@gmail, or call me at 541-973-7415