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"Listening to Daniel goes beyond a concert into a heart-opening experience. His music seems to come from that place of truth within all of us...a bit like basking in your own most perfect reflection. Several of my friends thanked me afterward, saying it was just what they needed. If you are considering a house concert, I would encourage you to say "yes." Open your house, sweep your floors, light the candles and let love, truth and beauty in." Jane D., Portland, Oregon

One thing I have done and enjoyed immensely is performing for intimate gatherings in the homes of folks I have been led to, usually from other concerts I have done. Since the beginning of September, 2010, I have played all over the country, from West to East, and back, more than 200 concerts. I am settled now in Ashland, OR, and have no immediate plans to travel, but I am open to trips up as far north as Portland, or down to the Bay Area, if you have an interest in hosting a concert.

I want to share a description of how this works, so you will be able to see how easy it is.

First, the program - I play two 40 minute sets in your living room, or back yard, a variety of original music, both solo and with back up tracks from my CDs, as well as some standard tunes that everyone will be familiar with, some opera arias, and mixed in with all of this are some poems from Rumi, Mary Oliver, Pablo Neruda, David Whyte and others. The combination of the poetry and the music makes for a very settled, relaxing evening, leaving the stir of everyday life behind and sinking deeply behind the veil that sometimes keeps us from appreciating all that is. We usually break for refreshments in the middle, refreshments that sometimes I have provided or that you may want to provide - it is your party and needs to be how you want it to be.

"Daniel's concert was simply magic. His from-the-heart down to earth presence was the soft and gentle context that we relaxed into together. His cello was a soothing, inspiring and graceful soul-whisperer, exploring inner landscapes of feeling. Daniel's choice of poetry was yet another calling to the Heart, coaxing us into rest. Wow!"  Krishna Gauci, Portland Oregon

To host such an evening, the idea is to have space big enough to accommodate 15-20 people  ( could be more if you wish, and I have had as little as a dozen - that can still work). Then of course, you need to have a network of friends you might want to share such an evening with. I can provide you with an invitation page on my web site that incudes video clips and bio material and description of the evening so that you can send that link around to your friends via email. If you wish, I also can provide a .pdf for postcard sized invitations that yiou can have printed and pass out to your friends. 

I generally have an offering basket out on a table at the event and suggest a $15- $20 donation for the evening. I am comfortable with whatever the host thinks is appropriate. I have CDs that are offered at the break and afterwards, and I am happy to sign them if folks want an autographed copy.

One comment from a participant in my concert in Ft. Collins:

"Daniel's cello music stimulates my heart to heal. It raises the vibration of my heart, mind and body and entices my soul to enter me more fully"

From my first concert in Fairfield, IA:

"Daniel Sperry's concert with poetry last night was AWESOME. It's an absolute "DON'T MISS". One of my favorite CD's is Coleman Bark's "I Want Burning", poetry interspersed with music. This is even better. Don't miss his concert. He should be at the Sondheim. Trust me on this one."

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If the idea of hosting an evening of rich cello music and poetry appeals to you, please get in touch at 541-973-7415.