Sponsor the purchase of some CD Inventory....

Here is what is true. Even though I should be able to live on what I make and save back a certain amount to replenish my inventory of CDs when I run out of one edition, in practice that is not how things have worked out. Right now, on the second day of the new year in 2015, I have a handful of copies of Brothers and Sisters of the Soul left, a good amount of Irrational Quest CDs, and a fair number of When Your Life Becomes Poetry. I have no inventory available of When Your Life Becomes Music, or Secret Pouch of Listening. 

If you decide you'd like to sponsor a new run of 100 of any of these CDs, you can take your pick of how many free ones I can give you as a thank you. You'd have lots of gifts to give friends! And that is wonderful. But the real reason to do so is that it is one of the most empowering gifts you could give to an artist who is finding his way. Having CDs of my work available is my best calling card, the best way for people to take home a little of the depth they have encountered when they hear me perform, and effectively, with $280, you can provide about $1200 of support, through the sales of those CDs. It is the most "leveraged" gift you can give.

Just let me know if this has an interest for you, by calling me at 541-973-7415, or emailing me at cellomansings@gmail.com.